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Learn about Free Fitness Tracker's current website features below. At Free Fitness Tracker, we are always looking to improve and offer additional features to members. Send us your comments, anytime!

~ Free Fitness Tracker Team

Android devices support

Android Device Support

Free Fitness Tracker is now available for download in the Android Market!

With the Android client you can browser our Exercise Library, Record your Body Measurements and Track your Fitness Exercises.

Free Fitness Tracker provides you with a paperless and more environmental friendly way of keeping track of your fitness goals!

Community Created Exercises

Community Created Exercises - The Workout Library

Free Fitness Tracker is a forum for you to share your workout experiences and learn from others. Our aim is to help improve our members' workouts and foster a fitness community!

The Free Fitness Tracker Workout Library provides members with a database of exercises targeting a range of muscles and muscle groups. Members can add to the Workout Library by uploading their own exercises and editing exercises currently in the library.

exercise library

Workout Tracking

Record your workout activities, including sets, reps and weights used for specific muscles and muscle groups, and view your results over time.

Whether your goal is to increase strength, tone muscles, or improve endurance, Free Fitness Tracker is your online tool for recording your progress and viewing your results - helping you to stay on track with your fitness goals!

exercise library

Body Measurement Tracking

Whether you are just getting started in your custom fitness routine or are already set up with a successful routine, you can use this feature to track changes in your body measurements over time as you progress towards your goals. Seeing changes in your body measurements, such as weight and inches, can be a powerful motivator to help you keep up or pump up your fitness routine!

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